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These tips can put you out of difficult situations when the overhead door becomes problematic

Check your remote for damage and malfunction

Due to overuse, remote buttons may wear out or malfunction. You can check your remote every 6 months or once in a year. If the device won’t work, try checking the batteries. It may just be drained out. If it still doesn’t work, contact our experts about it. They will help you fix the remote.

Never leave your garage door remote

Treat your garage door remote like your house key. Never leave it inside the car or to any parking attendant. This may harm your safety and security. Always keep your remote in your pocket or with members of the family who also knows how to operate the device.

The standard safety mechanism

Most modern models of garage doors are built with a photo eye feature which emits an invisible beam for the door to detect. These beams provide a signal to the door if there is obstruction in its way. Thus, the door won’t close and it will go up if the beam is broken. Our garage door repair experts in Clifton can fix the problem if it persists.

Test the safety reversal mechanism of the opener individually

The idea is to test it without involving the safety sensors. For this, you need to open the door fully and place an object which does not block the sensors underneath it. A tall chair or stool is a great option just like a twin ladder. Once you have set the object, push the remote button to close the door. It should gently touch the object and then reverse. If it does not, you need to have the opener repaired or replaced accordingly.

Refrain from replacing components on your own

Replacing garage door parts is not easy. You must know the exact size, how to remove the existing ones, properly choosing quality, and of course how to actually install them. If the job is not done properly, you could be risking you and your family's safety and security.

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