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How do I choose the best garage door?

Most garage doors are fitted to the size of the available space. They also have various characteristics, such as the material, texture, and durability. If you are having problems in these areas, you can call our expert technicians for help.

What should I consider while buying a garage door?

You need to consider a lot when buying a garage door. First of all is the measurement of your space. You also need to consider longevity, insulation, price, material, and finally, the style. Make sure that it will complement the overall look of your home.

How do I shut down my garage door if I'm on vacation?

If you are away from your home for a long time, our experts in Garage Door Repair Clifton recommend shutting off the opener system, or investing in an opener with a vacation switch. If you disengage the opener system, you can have side bolts installed on the door for added security. Just remember to disengage the side bolts before activating the opener system again.

Is it possible to open an automatic door without power?

Generally, yes. Almost all garage door openers can be disconnected from the door to enable manual opening. You just have to refer to the manual for the procedures. Usually, there is an emergency cord that can be pulled to do this. Bear in mind, however, that the door may not remain securely open once disconnected from the door operator.

How do I maintain my opener?

You should inspect all components of the system and test the safety sensors and reversal mechanism every three months at least. If you use the garage door a lot, you can do this monthly. Annual maintenance involves cleaning all external component and lubricating the drive chain or screw with a specially formulated product approved by the device's manufacturer.

Why are the opener lights not working?

Check the bulbs first and replace them if necessary. In case the bulbs are fine and the rest of the opener system works as usual, the issue is most certainly with the light sockets. The technicians of Garage Door Repair Clifton recommend the timely replacement of the faulty sockets with new ones.

Are replacement sections available for my garage door?

Usually we can procure the proper replacement sections for your garage door if they are still available from the manufacturer. However, exposure to the elements can alter the color of a door over time, so replacement sections may not be a perfect match. If you are considering replacing sections of your door, give our experts a call and we can determine if replacement can be done satisfactorily or if an entirely new door is warranted.

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