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Protecting Your Garage Door

Protecting Your Garage Door
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Protection for Panels

Protecting Your Garage DoorIt is a fact that the garage door panels are most vulnerable to environmental impact. The best way to protect wood and steel doors is to paint them. Choose a type of exterior-grade paint recommended or approved by the manufacturer of your unit. Make sure that you test it on a small section before painting just to be on the safe side. The repainting frequency depends on various factors from the local weather conditions to the quality of the paint. For wood doors, in particular, annual repainting is best. Check the weather seals for wearing by turning off the light inside the garage on a sunny day. If light comes in through the sides of the door, replace the seals.

Keeping Hardware and Opener Safe

One of the key things is proper installation. The torsion spring must be adjusted accurately. The track position must be calculated without error. The opener’s force and travel limits have to be set with precision. As the door’s weight fluctuates seasonally, it is best if the spring and opener’s force are tested in the spring and fall and readjusted, if needed. Inspecting all components for damage closely should be an annual or preferably semi-annual task. It is best to have worn cables replaced before they break to avoid extra hassle associated with door jamming and misalignment. Lubrication maintenance is also very important. All moving metal parts and sections where friction occurs require it. The list includes torsion spring, metal rollers and hinges and the places where the opener trolley gets into contact with the rail.

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