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Garage Door Basics

Garage Door Basics
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Garage doors are now a commodity since most families own a vehicle or two. Homeowners take time and effort to purchase quality overhead door for a number of reasons. They know that a great looking one enhances the home’s curb appeal, while a durable choice is economical and offers security. When they try to shop for a new one to be installed, they have their own considerations in mind. Here is some basic information regarding a garage door.

Styles and Sizes

Garage Door BasicsThese doors come in a variety of styles and sizes. Experts at garage door repair Clifton can tell you what would be the best match for your home. Basically, they differ in four basic types. They can swing out or swing up; roll up or slide to the side. Swing out type is a smart choice if you want the ceiling clear or if you like their distinct look. Rollup garage door is the opposite of swing out since the door rolls up to the ceiling. Most styles feature trim, panels and other detailing. Those with real frame and panel design are sturdier than the others with decorative detailing.


Steel and aluminum are two common choice materials for their strength. Aluminum is less expensive and lighter. They can be insulated upon the preference of a homeowner. Traditional garages use these metals, but wood is preferred for its looks. However, wood is harder to maintain than steel, which is why others settle for steel that is designed to mimic wood. It is best to consult qualified installers to choose the best type of garage door for your property. The construction will depend upon the purpose of your garage. The look of your home also dictates the kind of door to be used. You can go for a carriage style if you want a traditional design, but there are newer styles for modern homes.

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