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Garage Door Repair Services
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Spring Replacement

Garage Door Repair Services in New JerseyWhen a spring breaks, the door will stay in place and be impossible to open. It is easy to notice the problem. There are two separate pieces on the shaft or safety cable. They are carefully removed and the new spring is mounted in their place and adjusted to counterbalance the weight of the door. Galvanized torsion springs require lubrication to work smoothly and to last longer. If there is damage to a torsion or extension spring such as deformed coil, the component should be replaced right away. When the spring is weakened and no longer has enough force to do its job, the door will be very difficult to open. In this case, replacement is the only solution.

Opener Repair

The cause of the problem has to be found first. If the motor works smoothly, but the door isn’t opening, the trolley is most likely broken and should be replaced. When the opener makes grinding sounds without lifting the door, this is due to a broken moving gear which should be changed as quickly as possible. If the motor doesn’t start with any of the controls, it will require repair or replacement depending on how bad the problem is. Very rarely, the circuit board can fail. In this case, both the motor and the lights won’t work. The repair will involve replacement of the circuit board. This should resolve the problem completely. When the door is opening by itself, this is usually the result of faulty opener remote. Replacing it is the best solution.

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